Obvious Reasons Why ILaji Hotels and Resort Is One of the Best Places To Visit In Nigeria

Vacation is not an exercise that tourists do out of impulse. It is usually a well-planned and thought-out course of action geared towards fulfillment of certain needs. Some of these needs are psychological, sociological and physiological. Firstly, as a tourist you need to take extra care to get as much information. Secondly, you can then pack your luggage and take your family members to your preferred Places To Visit in Nigeria.

However, a study of most A-list hospitality outfits in Nigeria in general, and Oyo State in particular, has interesting revelations. Majority, if not all, of these hospitality outfits have similar facilities albeit at high rates for their guests. Swimming pool, fitness Center and event Centers are the most common facilities.

Is ILaji Resort One of the Best Places to Visit in Nigeria! Well, You Can Decide after Reading the Following 6 Distinguishing Features of the Resort


Hazeez Ayansola, the Corporate Affairs Manager, ILaji Hotels and Sports Resort, in this article highlights SIX factors that make ILaji Hotels and Sports Resort stand out among the top-rated vacation destinations in Nigeria.

1. Highest Number of Sporting Facilities

This assertion was borne out of our investigation. No hospitality outfit in Nigeria presently can boast of the arrays of sporting facilities that abound in ILaji Resort.

There is a world class stadium and another one in the making at the resort. Moreover, mini golf course, basketball, handball, volleyball, and tennis courts are among the sporting facilities. Therefore, Ilaji Resort has truly encapsulated all the services offered in its motto “haven of hospitality and fitness“.

World Class Stadium
Tennis, Basketball, Handball and Volleyball Courts
Standard Gym

Most importantly, and interestingly, lodgers at ILaji Hotels and Sports Resort have access to these sporting facilities as “complimentary” gifts. In other words, once you check in, you have free access to these facilities.

Make your hotel reservation and have the ILaji Resort experience.

2. Lowest rates among the top-rated hotels in Nigeria

A study of the rates of top-rated hotels and Resorts in Nigeria and in Oyo State revealed a fact. ILaji Hotels and Sports Resort has the lowest rates with the highest number of complimentary benefits for their guests.

Chalet Hotel Room

However, the lesser rated hotels charge higher rates with lesser complimentary benefits for their guests.

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3. The only resort with a full blown Football Academy and Professional Club

It is not by accident that the brand name of this Ibadan-based hospitality sanctuary has ‘Sports’ in it. It is a statement of intent by the management that sport is an integral part of their hospitality services. However, with a corporate vision statement that includes “nurturing of football talents to stardom“, football business is a strategic business unit of this fast rising hospitality outfit.

ILaji Football Club (IFC) Team

Initially, Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resort signed a pact with SWIEQI United FC, a football club in Malta. After that, ILaji Resort’s management took an even higher step by securing another partnership with Malaga CF, Spain.

This is to say, with this arrangement, talented football players in ILaji Football Academy have a bright chance of playing for the Spanish football Club.

4. The highest number of fountains

Sight of flowing water is aesthetic and therapeutic. Because of this, the management of ILaji Hotels and Sports Resort has invested heavily in water fountains. The natural flowing water within the 200 acres of land that the Resort occupies presently is nothing compared to these fountains.

One of ILaji Resort Fountains


In addition, over eight different water fountains are in different parts of the Resort. These include a massive water fall-like fountain at the VIP Swimming Pool section, two water fountains at the children’s arena, two dance and musical water fountains and three other aesthetically designed water fountains. Therefore, guests of this fast-rising hospitality outfit can never be short of exquisite relaxation and amusement spots or better still, breadth-taking backgrounds for selfies and photo shoots.

5. An ever-expanding corporate entity

One thing that amazes the visitors of ILaji Hotels and Sports Resort is the daily expansion of the hospitality outfit.

The management of the Akanran-based Resort is yet to show any sign of ‘structural fatigue’ as it keeps pumping millions of Naira in erecting new structures. Hence, other resorts in Nigeria can hardly match the state-of-the-art facilities at the Resort.

ILaji Resort Chalets

For instance, a guest who has been patiently waiting for the official commissioning of the Resort recently expressed his excitement. He stated that there is hardly any day he would not see construction workers building one thing or the other. He has been observing this in the Resort for the past three years. To buttress his point, a visit to the South end of the Resort showed arrays of construction works. New facilities such as mini football stadium, another gigantic love/fountain garden etc. are at different stages of completion.

6. The hospitality outfit with the tightest security measures

One of the important hallmarks of any relaxation outfit is the state of its security. No reasonable guest would cough out their hard earned money to lodge in a place, no matter how luxurious, if his security is in doubt.

Click here to see what Oyo State Commissioner of Police says for instance [VIDEO]. 

ILaji Resort Police Post

Every hospitality outfit ensures that adequate security is in place. But, the management of ILaji Resort has gone a step higher, ensuring that there is human security in place. There is a police post, private security guards and presence of mobile police officers within the Resort. Moreover, it has invested in digital and technological security gadgets. As a result, a walk around ILaji Hotels and Sports Resort reveals a facility that has CCTV cameras in strategic places. This is to monitor the movement of guests and tourists alike.

Moreover, the Resort boasts of having the most sophisticated body and luggage scanning machines. So, it is one of the most secure places to visit in Nigeria.

I Have Been Looking For Vacation Packages In Nigeria. Does ILaji Resort Have Any Offers?

ILaji Resort recently launched vacation packages to capture the needs of some of her guests. We will take you on a tour to historic sites within Ibadan City among other offerings. No doubt, these will embellish your vacation experience..

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How Much Does It Cost To Have A Vacation At The Resort?

This depends on a number of factors. Category of room, extra room services, vacation type, number of guests and more will determine your cost.

Certainly, be sure of getting something very affordable at ILaji Resort when you are thinking vacation packages in Nigeria.

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In conclusion, ILaji Hotels and Sports Resort is not just about hotel services. It is an all-inclusive holiday resort in Nigeria that will be hard to beat as far as getting more for less budget is concerned. Try ILaji Resort today and get the exclusive resort feel!